Thursday, August 25, 2016

Musings on Freedom

Create a life you don’t need a vacation from. I’ve heard that sentiment or something similar to it over the course of my life, but I’m not sure that I had any sort of vision for what that really means for me until this last year.

I am an entrepreneur. It sounds weird to me still. The folks in my family who’ve had the biggest impact on my life, they’re not entrepreneurs. They have always had stable, 9 to 5 type jobs. Predictable income, predictable benefits, predictable schedule. I take great pride in those roots, and I hope they do too. I have had a stable, predictable (mostly…hellooooo USA healthcare system) job as a PT for a decade, but I always wanted more. More flexibility, more autonomy, just MORE. But that was nowhere to be found. As a PT, my hands are increasingly tied by insurance companies and folks sitting behind a desk following an algorithm to tell them what my patient needs. It’s maddening.

Over the last 5 or so years I have prayed that God would give me something, show me some way I could use the knowledge and skills I have to truly live out my purpose. I LOVE my job as a PT, but I have never really felt like I was living my purpose in that arena. Then 2 years ago I found Young Living.
Y’all. These oils have rocked my world in ways that I never imagined. I wanted to try them to boost the immunity of my kids, and they did that. Then I wanted to use them to help support us through this East TN “pollening season,” and they did that. The more I research, the more I use them, the more in awe I am of these tiny little molecules that were created by the same God who created me. I am constantly astounded at how incredibly they work in synergy with my body to improve my sense of well-being, boost my energy, and improve my mood like nothing else ever has.

So, I started telling people about them…because why keep something awesome to yourself? I’m happy to share about the restaurant where I had the best steak of my life (holla, Ruth’s Chris!), so what on earth is the hang up in sharing about something you could actually get PAID to talk about?! Besides, I figured if I could get my monthly orders paid for, it would make for less stress on the home front (since my husband constantly made fun of me and called them snake oils in the beginning…he’s a sold-out believer now, though)! I kept sharing, and a fledgling business turned into an actual business. Something that could pay my mortgage in addition to my monthly oil order. WHOA. That was crazy to me! (For the record, all those 9 to 5-ers in my family still think I’m completely nuts to jump ship and RUN after this opportunity. I’m finally just coming to terms that I’m truly okay with that. Not everybody wants to ride this bus with me, but we can all still love each other!)

Then about 6 months in I realized something…I had to step back for about 2 weeks while my daughter was recovering from a tonsillectomy, and in that time I hit a new rank. Ummmmmm, I wasn’t actually working during that time. I had just set something in motion in the 6 months leading up to that, and I was still getting paid…my paycheck was actually growing…even though I had taken time off to focus on my daughter. WHAT KIND OF AWESOMENESS IS THIS?!

You see, it’s not about the AMOUNT of money I can make with Young Living (although that is SUBSTANTIAL at higher can see that HERE if you’re interested), it’s about the TYPE of money I can make. Residual income. Money that is still coming in and can pay my bills even when I have to take 2 weeks off to be focused solely on caring for my family. I don’t have to call in sick. I don’t have to sit in traffic on the way home every single day. I can work from the pool or the campground if I want to. I don’t have to worry about finding someone else who will baby my babies the way I do when they’re sick because I just can’t call in one more time. THAT is what freedom feels like. That is what freedom means to me!

Will I be rich any time soon? Not likely. Will I be rich one day? Maybe. But like I said, I’m more interested in the TYPE of money I’m making than I am in the AMOUNT of money I’m making! This summer? I work about an hour in the morning, an hour in the afternoon, and maybe an hour after the kids are in bed. Otherwise, I’m spending my summer at the pool or the campground, and I’M STILL GETTING PAID.

If you’ve never tried essential oils, but you’re curious about what they can do for your family, now is the time to find out! I will make sure you have the resources you need (ONLINE! It's all archived for you...NO need to come to classes or parties because seriously, WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?!), and I’ll be your personal guide as you learn exactly how you can use them in your home. Join my team! Just go to to learn more about these oils, then follow the instructions to "Become a Member." Don't freak out. A member only means that you've snagged an incredible starter kit and are getting a 24% wholesale discount for a year. NO strings. NO required autoship. NO penalties if that membership lapses after a year. Just the opportunity to buy incredible products at a discount for the next 12 months!

Okay, maybe you aren’t interested in the starter kit, and need more custom suggestions for your family. Call or email me, and I will help you brainstorm how you can get exactly what you need, at the price point you want to pay!
Maybe you feel stuck where you are. Maybe you feel like there is something more for you. There IS! God did not create you to be ordinary. He created you to be extraordinary! What does extraordinary look like for you?! I can’t tell you that, but I bet if you take 10 minutes to reflect on it, you can come up with some ideas!

Are you interested in the Young Living business opportunity? Once you’ve gotten your membership, we can schedule a time to sit down and talk about how you can share the goodness with everyone you know! Truth is, even if I wasn’t getting paid by Young Living to promote their products, I would still tell the world how amazing they are because they have changed my life in SO MANY positive ways! We've seen happy and supported immune systems, happier kids (and MAMA) because of healthy sleep patterns, better support of all those normal aches and pains that come with not being a teenager anymore, and so so so much more. I want EVERYONE to have this same experience of a happier, healthier life!

Further, there is an opportunity to turn this into a business...a REALLY successful business! Think about what your life would look life if you could ditch the 9 to 5…It IS possible, regardless of what you might believe right now (or what anyone in your family tells you to believe)!
Tell me, how would you feel knowing that you could work from home, be there for your family when they need you, and STILL bring in a substantial paycheck?

How would your life be different?! I can teach you how to make that happen. Join me!

CLICK HERE to join me on this journey, and get access to our team's EXCLUSIVE online resources!!!

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